The University of Kentucky Research and Education Center held the first 2017 wheat training workshop on March 8.

Topics included:

  •  Submitting Samples to UK Diagnostic Lab - Brenda Kennedy
  •  Relating Soil Productivity to Soil Types - Jerry McIntosh (NRCS)
  •  Growth Stage/Plant Dissection at Greenup - Carrie Knott
  •  Assessing Freeze Damage - Carrie Knott
  •  Planting Date and Seeding Rate Differences Impact Tiller Counts - Carrie Knott
  •  Herbicide Symptomology Associated with Injury from Tank Contamination, Application Timing, etc. - Jim Martin
  •  Managing Nitrogen - Edwin Ritchey & John Grove
  •  Tillage and Traffic Impacts on Establishing Wheat Stands – John Grove & Edwin Ritchey
  •  Impact of Rooting Depth of Ryegrass on Productivity of Certain Soils - Lloyd Murdock
  •  Weed Identification - Jim Martin