The first 2019 workshop was held on March 7 and was the first field school under the new name Kentucky Agriculture Training School. Topics covered included: 

  • Annual winter weed ID and management in wheat and pre-plant weed management decisions for corn and soybeans
  • Tools and techniques to identify soil compaction and management options to alleviate to improve crop performance
  • Determining growth stage of the wheat crop as well as the condition of the wheat crop. 
  • Machine sizing in relation to acres cropped and how machine size influences field traffic patterns and potential soil compaction

  • Planter configurations and equipment performance based on soil management practices and field conditions

Special thanks to H&R Agripower, Hutson John Deere and Precision Planting for their contributions and information for the planter session.

Also, thank you to Henry Birrell and Greg George for providing equipment for veiwing and demonstrations

Dr. Travis Legleiter discusses weed indentification and weed management

Andy Pace with Precision Planting addresses planter maintanence

Dr. Carrie Knott reviews wheat growth staging and discusses wheat crop condition

Jordan Shockley educates participants on how to determine proper machine sizing

Scott Mackey from Hutson, Inc explains how to inspect a planter for wear prior to planting.