The Kentucky Agriculture Training School hosted a Spray Clinic on July 18th in Princeton, Ky.  Topics that were covered included spray technology, herbicide drift management, fungicide application considerations, sprayer equipment maintenance, nozzle selection and nozzle nomenclature. 

“The goal of the Spray Clinic is to take the complex topic of pesticide applications and break it down into simplified pieces of information,” said Travis Legleiter, UK weed scientist. “We would like farmers, applicators and crop consultants to take this information back to their operations and make informed and confident decisions about their spray applications.”

Scott Mackey presents spray equipment management and how it can affect yields. 

Tim Stombaugh demonstrates new sprayer technologies adn sprayer calibration.

Kiersten Wise discusses the imprortance of of how optimal spray volume, application method and volume are important in fungicide applications in corn. 

Travis Legleiter demonstrate the influence of application parametes on herbicide efficacy and off target movement.  Assisting are Jesse Gray, Shawn Wood and Josh Duckworth.